H13 Radio is a growing podcast network.

Beginning only in 2018, H13 Radio is happy to currently host two podcasts with one in the making.

The Story of Sandra Marie, releasing December of this year, is a dramatic podcast where a son interviews his mother about her journey, as a lesbian, through the Mormon conversion therapy for homosexuals, and an abusive marriage. A mini-series that is sure to pull on your heart strings. Featuring beautiful original music composed by Stefano Garoni, and mixed with the highest of sound expertise, this is a must listen.

100 Freakin Films is a podcast movie club where two brothers watch and review two movies each week over the course of 2018. Each episode is packed with fun sound bytes, original music, segments, high audio quality and interesting movie reviews.

The Music That Made U.S. is a 13 episode odyssey into the history of American Music. Each episode covers a decade of time, starting with 1890 and moving through time to 2010. This captivating, informative, and fun podcast includes interviews with top music historians, and showcases fresh musical acts each episode. This show is also under development into a TV Series. Expected sometime in 2019, even if you’re not a history buff, this show is certain to expand the way you enjoy and think about music.

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